Reisner Distributor

Reisner fuel truck



We provide a full line for commercial and high performance applications. We currently carry AeroShell and Phillips 66® brands of aviation oil.


Whether diesel or gasoline, let us help keep your vehicles moving. We provide the highest quality engine oils the industry has to offer with a full line of motor oils including Chevron Delo®, Havoline®, Chevron® Supreme, Phillip 66 Guardol®, Firebird, Kendall® and Phillips 66 Shield Choice® products.


Don’t neglect your gears; there are different requirements for specific operations. Let us help you find the correct gear lubricant with our Phillips 66® gear oils & Chevron Delo® & RPM® products.


Let us help keep your machinery running at peak performance in any condition. We stock a full line of greases for every application, including Ultra-Duty®, Delo®, Ulti-Plex®, Starplex® along with Multiplex® Red and Megaplex®.


Supply power and protect your machinery with high quality hydraulic oils. We offer products equipped to handle the demands of commercial fleets, farm and construction equipment. Some of our most popular products include Chevron Rando® HD & Phillips 66®, Megaflow™ AW Hydraulic oils.


Ensure your industrial machinery is operating reliably and efficiently. Find all your industrial oil needs under one roof at Reisner Distributor. We offer a large selection from Phillips 66® line of Multipurpose R&O Oils to Chevron Regal® R&O, GST® Oil and Capella Oils.


Transmission fluids have many performance enhancing chemicals added to the fluid to meet the demands of each transmission. We have the transmission oil you need from Phillips 66® Super ATF, Hydraulic Tractor Fluid, Triton® HD ATF & Chevron 1000 THF, Havoline® ATF MD3, ATF +4, Synthetic, Multi-Vehicle and Dexron®_ VI.